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Are you looking to buy the latest and greatest learning management system (LMS)? Only to find that it's really expensive, and you still have to create the curriculum?


of employers agree it’s beneficial to switch to mobile-based training.


of employees believe their companies should provide more digital skills training.


of employees want easy-to-complete training.

Alloy is the painless way to create engaging learning systems that work. No more long nights creating presentations that nobody pays attention to. We help you create the perfect way to train your employees and more!

You’re thinking, “I’ve been doing this for decades, what could you possibly teach me?” Alloy is different, because we made it our mission to help companies do good. We get to know you and your business goals. We can help you find those golden nuggets of insights that you may have missed. We aren’t just your typical consultant, we’ve concocted the perfect mix of experts to focus on your company as a whole.

The Alloy method is simple, we focus on 3 things.

Brand + Culture + Training


Branding isn’t just a logo. Branding starts with one simple question… Why? Why should I listen to you? Why should I care? When your “Why” fit’s your employees and client’s values, they both stay engaged and are more likely to stay loyal.


Company culture goes beyond sharing values with your employees. Your culture should reflect in your day to day operations. Alloy can help you find ways to keep your processes and your core values as one.


At Alloy, we love finding simpler processes, creating training materials that your employees can easily follow, we even gamify your training to keep your employees engaged and determined to always win!

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