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Compare value of the Alloy team with an in-house investment

In-house Expert



62 Hours per month
Production Hours*

Production Hours

$0 Annual Savings

In-House Team


Total Annual Investment: $99,500

*On average 36% of your employee’s time is productive
**Based on 1 expert at $70,000 annual salary & benefits



50 Hours per month
Production Hours

Production Hours

$12,500 Annual Savings
Partnered Alloy Team*

Alloy Team


Total Annual Investment: $87,000

*Based on a 50-hour monthly investment (13% savings)

In-House Expert FAQ

What do you mean by 15% expertise?

When comparing the skills of one hired person against the Alloy team on average you’re getting 15% of the skill kit that we’re providing.

Where do you get 62 hours for a full-time position?

On average 36% of your employee’s time is productive. This means that after the time used to socialize with other employees, breaks, slow working times, and other misc. non productive time you’re getting about 62 hours a month of good actual productive work.

What do the $0 annual savings refer to?

Based on the savings you’d get from Alloy, the in-house expert zeros out that balance.

Why Is the investment so much higher than the salary?

Base salary is calculated before the taxes your company is responsible for for that employee. Also before the expenses of providing an employee with benefits. An employee at $70k per year on average will cost your business $99k per year.

Alloy Team FAQ

How does Alloy have 100% Expertise?

For the sake of the calculation, we are putting the Alloy Team at 100%. This allows us to calculate the 15% skill level for the in-house expert.

Is 50 hours a month the standard package?

No. We work with all types of budgets, however, we generally see the best results when a company can invest around 40+ hours each month.

What are the $12,500 annual savings?

After the annual employee hard costs and expenses, you can expect to save $12,500 on average, each year on a 50 hours/month package.