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Attract & Retain Top Talent by Leveraging Your Brand Values.

Supercharge your HR department without the high costs of hiring more personnel.

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Culture, Training, and everything in-between.

As a leader in HR you wear many hats. Anything from training and retention to the culture and employee satisfaction. We understand how difficult it is to inspire your employees; especially when a lot of the times they don’t even understand what your company does. We can help.


Did you know that on average 33% of workers look for a new job because they are bored?

Don’t lose top talent.
Act now.

Use the Power of Three to

Amplify Your Human Resources

Brand + Culture + Training

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Branding & HR
  • Internal Branding
  • Presentation Design
  • Video & Animation
  • New Hire Packages
  • Public Relations
  • Event & Tradeshows

You’re probably thinking, I work in HR, what does branding have to do with me?

That’s marketings job, right? Branding isn’t just a logo. Branding starts with one simple question… Why? Why do I work here? Why should I care? When your “Why” fit’s your employees values, your employees work harder, faster, and miss less work days. There’s less drama because your employees have the same goals as you.

Now you may be thinking, we already have happy employees ...

but once we train them, our competition can offer them more money and they quit. How can I compete? Thankfully life isn’t all about money. At Alloy we help you see the opportunities that you have been missing. These gold nuggets of information can help you build and maintain a culture that inspires your employees to think of you as family. And nobody quits family.

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Culture & HR
  • Team Building
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Gamification
  • Internal Communications
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Training & HR
  • Training Software Creation
  • Progress reporting
  • Learning production
  • Process Streamlining
  • Employee Handbooks
  • New Hire Packages

Hiring a trainer can be expensive, and it takes time. How do you know your new hire paid attention to your process?

Your sales are off the roof, people know your brand, your culture is great, but now they are overworked. This is where Alloy comes in for the win! We help you by creating easy to use training systems with custom curriculums, coursework, and assessments on our dynamic learning management system (LMS).

Some of our most frequently asked HR questions.

Wow Your Staff

“We were able to take our onboarding process from a boring on paper experience to something our employees talk about years into employment.”

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