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Alloy Service Packages

What does a typical agreement look like?

Typically we require a 12-month working contract with any new client so we have ample time to assess, align, and achieve goals. However, our plans are all customized based on our clients’ needs. Contact us to discuss what would work best for you.

Do we get access to all services?

Yes! All of Alloy’s service levels include everything Alloy offers. The only difference is how much effort we’re able to spend on each item in any given quarter.

How long does it take to see results?

As you might expect, it depends on what the goals are set. Clients have seen results in as little as 1 day (true story). You can normally expect to see progress toward goals around 2-3 weeks after our kickoff meetings.

People Questions

How can we build culture if we have employees in different offices across the country?

The beauty of our intranet platform solutions is that all of your employees, regardless if they’re in an office in Florida or working from home in California, will be easily able to connect, team build, share, and take part in your company’s culture in a consistent manner.

How long will it take for our employees to be genuinely happy coming to work?

The time it can take for a culture to become thriving and happy largely depends on the current conditions of your culture, and will vary from organization to organization. That said, we typically see employee engagement surveys start to trend positively within a quarter or two, even in the most challenging situations.

We're having a tough time recruiting because of poor reviews. Can you help?

Yes. Bad reviews left by employees can have disastrous effects on recruiting new talent, and so boosting ratings is a big focus of ours. We tackle this issue organically by working with you to increase your staff’s overall happiness, and by launching strategic campaigns to solicit positive reviews from your thrilled employees.

Brand Questions

Can you help us remove bad customer reviews?

We’ll do our best to get bad reviews deleted, but the reality is that fighting the review keepers is an uphill battle and the majority of your low stars will likely remain. The trick to reputation management is to drown out those poor ratings with great ones.  That’s where Alloy will come out swinging as we optimize your brand experience and employee happiness factors.

How will you help us improve customer service?

The quality of customer service your company is able to provide really comes down to two things—employee training and how enthused they are to work for you. We specialize in developing engaging and memory training programs, plus we pull out all the stops when it comes to helping you build up a strong and loyal culture. So, the short answer is yes.

How do you determine what brand experience we're currently providing?

Typically, the first thing we’ll do with any new client is conducting a discovery phase where we take a deep dive into your current branding, processes, reviews, complaint logs, conversion stats, and even employee surveys. It’s important that we have a clear picture of where you are before figuring out the best ways to get you to where you want to be.

Performance Questions

Do you create training content for us?

We rely on you to be experts in your business and bring to the table the meat of the training. We will, however, do the heavy lifting when it comes to producing that material into course curriculums, articles, guides, and branded videos.

Is it possible to have different training for different employees?

Yes. We wouldn’t recommend any other way of presenting learning content for your staff. Your learning management system will enroll employees only in courses they need for their role. Of course, we can also let them enroll in courses they desire, but don’t necessarily need.

What if we already use a learning management system?

We can help you create content on just about any stand-alone learning management system. That said, we strongly recommend using a learning system that is directly tied to your culture so that employees can share achievements, get recognition, and even get rewarded for their progress. We’ll create a system for you that does just that!

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