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Training + LMS

Truth is most employees do want to learn and excel in their role. But poor training causes 48% of employees to leave the company within the first year.

Assemble Your A-Team* with a Proven Training System

*Your group of engaged and loyal high-performers eager to deliver out-of-this-world customer service while on fire for your company mission.

Learning Management System (LMS)

These days, recruiting requires more than a witty job posting. From top-notch branding and design, consistent internal messaging, values creation, robust training systems, streamlined workflows, and leadership development --- At Alloy, we help you create an entire culture of irresistible qualities that top leaders are looking for.

Reward & Recognize
Increase Skill

Experience Design

At Alloy, we believe there are FEW truly poor-performing employees. (You're just not training and supporting them properly.)

That's why we help you create a team of high-performing problem-solvers with easy-to-use training systems with custom curriculums, coursework, and assessments on our dynamic learning management system (LMS) so that your employees will feel confident and supported from day one.

Growth Charts
Established Team
Established Team
Growth Charts

Why most companies’ training is so forgettable

and 6 tips for how to improve.

Training sucks without branding

You've heard this one before…"If you pit a good performer against a bad system, the system will win almost every time."

Ouch. This means once you recruit top talent, you need a well-oiled machine of training systems, optimized workflows, progress reports, and customized learning pathways to keep employees engaged, challenged, supported.

Training sucks without culture

Think creating a culture is about offering Taco Tuesdays in the lunch cafeteria? Think again.

Building a flourishing culture is about creating a worthwhile mission, meaningful values, day-to-day rituals, shared language, and shared respect weaved into your training materials, workflows, reward systems, and internal communications. At Alloy, we help you build a culture from the ground-up* that will leave your employees feeling excited to be a part of.

*Of course, we still always recommend Taco Tuesdays for good measure.

How Will You Approach Training?

While adding an LMS to your training will drastically improve your operations and employee experience there are still many pitfalls.

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One More Thing

We approach Training a little differently at Alloy

While we create robust training systems, optimize workflows, and everything else ... We believe that building a team of engaged and productive employees starts first and foremost with a mission or purpose.

If you want employees who are:

  • Eager & Engaged

  • Mission-Driven

  • High-Performing

  • Problem-Solvers

Alloy works very hard to push us to be better than we ever imagined. True Professionals and care just as much if not more than we do.

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